2019 – GIRLS, a Gateway for Interoperability of Electronic Health Record in low-cost System

Date of Conference: 14-16 Oct. 2019
Date Added to IEEE Xplore27 February 2020
 ISBN Information:
Publisher: IEEE
Conference Location: Bogota, Colombia, Colombia

Clinical information about patients should be consistent, complete and available to health professionals, ensuring quality care. This information is recorded on paper or on electronically-stored in a digital format. A few years ago, both Brazilian government and private healthcare providers invested in Information and Communication Technology to replace paper medical record with Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Nowadays, EMRs are evolving into Electronic Health Record (EHR), which allows for interoperability between different systems. While brazilian public health system recommends the OpenEHR standard as an information model for EHR, private providers in Brazil have adopted the HL7 FHIR standard. This article proposes the GIRLS, a low-cost gateway for EHR interoperability that uses both standards. As proof of concept, a chikungunya OpenEHR archetype and an equivalent FHIR feature have been implemented. This archetype is available to the Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM), the largest online repository of archetypes on the Web.
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